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Best One-Page Website Designs (Landing Page)
An illiterate landing page to which new users are directed can lead to the depreciation of the entire advertising company. If you want to build a successful and carefree career…

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How to become a web designer, and what qualities should a really cool specialist have?
From the author: many of you were probably looking for the answer to the question: how to become a web designer? Of course, this is a difficult question, to which…

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Website framework, or modular grid in web design
What is a modular grid? I will explain with an example familiar to you. Open any paper book. You see, the text passing through the entire width of the page,…

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Advanced CSS: Using Sass Maps for UI Components

Sass is a great and very popular CSS preprocessor. If you are not familiar with it, take a look at these lessons.

Associative arrays (Maps) are an extremely underrated feature of Sass. They help automate the creation of user interface elements and improve the architecture of the entire application. Associative arrays will come in handy when you need a set of modifier classes for user interface elements. Continue reading

Layout adaptive menu

Adaptive menus collapsing into a hamburger on mobile devices can now be seen on almost any site. In this lesson we will learn to make up such menus. In the end, we should get the result shown below:
Menu for large screens
First, we make up the usual menu for the “large” resolution (in our case, this will be a screen resolution of 1000px or more). To do this, create the following HTML structure:

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Custom CSS Properties

A Ashley Nolan poll in November 2016 showed that 84% of front-end developers use a CSS preprocessor. At the same time, developers consider variables to be the most useful preprocessor feature. No wonder. Variables help organize code, avoid duplication, improve readability, and make refactoring easier.

Preprocessor variables have limitations: they do not know anything about the structure of the DOM, do not work in pseudo-classes and media queries, they cannot be read or modified using JavaScript.

But the main drawback of preprocessors is that styles need to be compiled, you cannot run code directly in a browser.

On this subject, we recommend that you look at the report by Vadim Makeev “My vanilla CSS”

CSS custom properties perform the function of native variables in CSS and do not have the specified restrictions. And more recently, they are Continue reading

Productive Parallax

Do you like parallax or hate it, but it will not go anywhere. When used wisely, it can add depth and sophistication to a web application. The problem is that implementing parallax is productive – it’s not easy. In this article, we will discuss a solution that is both productive and, importantly, cross-browser.

Do not use scroll events or background-position to implement parallax.
For a better parallax effect, use CSS 3D transforms.
For Mobile Safari, use position: sticky to ensure that the parallax effect spreads. Continue reading

What is web hosting?

This article clarifies the concept of hosting. It can be useful to those who are going to or have recently organized their representation on the Internet. The provision of hosting is becoming as important for a modern person as the concept of television, radio, newspapers and magazines. The article will help determine what type of hosting is needed to solve certain problems.

Web hosting is the place for your site. The hosting depends on the download speed of your Internet project.

First, let’s try to determine why hosting services are needed. The word “hosting”, like many other words from the Internet lexicon, came from the Continue reading

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JQuery preloader
There is a delay when loading the page content asynchronously or sending a request to add / edit. A preloader is an animation during this delay, which allows you to…