What is web hosting?
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How to start making money as a web designer on the Internet?
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Web Design Rules Every Professional Should Know
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Features of the profession and key responsibilities of a web designer

To make it easier to understand the main tasks of the representative of this craft, for a start it is worth considering its basic definition. The profession of “web designer” implies a business related to the development of the appearance of sites, the creation of their layouts, as well as layout (depends on the requirements of the customer or employer).

The representative of this case should have an artistic taste and, of course, education at the appropriate level in order to clearly understand how to solve the tasks assigned to him.

Speaking generally about what a web designer does, it should be noted that his key competence includes working on the appearance of the site and universal display of the created web page on various devices (phone, tablet, standard or widescreen monitor).

A web designer should be able to find a middle ground between “convenient”, “beautiful” and “how the customer sees it.” And this is a rather difficult task.

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Today, this profession is popular not only due to the large number of web pages on the Internet, but also due to the ability to work remotely. Imagine that you are having coffee in a London restaurant, while realizing a project for Valery Leonidovich from Krasnoyarsk, and tomorrow you will have an order from some Almaty that can be fulfilled during your vacation in Berlin. Cool, isn’t it?

This is how some professional web designers work, combining their craft with travel. Thanks to this advantage, the prestige of the profession has grown significantly in recent years, making it an order of magnitude more attractive than other alternatives for young students who want maximum freedom and financial independence.

However, at a certain moment there were too many web designers in the market, and at the same time, there were only a few good ones. Despite the rapid development of Internet technologies, the industry is in crisis, so in no case should you put a crown on your head ahead of time.

Always be on the lookout. Evolve. Only those who work hard and improve their skills achieve real success in web design.

What is the responsibility of a web designer?
The basic principles of what a web designer is doing, we have examined, now let’s move on to the study of his responsibilities. Again, their total number depends on your format of work in this direction, the choice of strategy for which you want to work, and other factors. From the basic set of responsibilities of a web designer it is worth highlighting the following:

development of design sites and individual web pages that solve specific problems of clients;

design layouts of future websites or individual web pages;

creation of various icons and other graphic images for sites.

Among the other responsibilities of a web designer, which increase his demand and level of payment, we can note the following:

design development for printing products (business cards, catalogs, etc.);

creation of logos, corporate identity for brands and companies;

flash animation development;

site typesetting;

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customization and personalization of CMS.

Layout and programming, of course, have no direct connection with web design, however, most customers and employers welcome such universalism in the skills of performers and employees, so they certainly will not be superfluous. Plus, the salary in this case increases by an order of magnitude, because it is easier for people to order everything from you immediately, if the level of trust is already high, rather than spend time looking for additional specialists.

What are the requirements for a web designer?
The requirements for a representative of this profession may be different. It all depends on whether the person will be engaged in it, working for himself (own studio, freelance), or whether it is a hired activity in the company.

But there are also basic skills, without which your qualifications in this area will be enough only to clarify how much sugar to put in the coffee to colleagues in the workshop. A professional web designer should be able to develop all kinds of graphic elements, understand the creation of various variations related to navigation, think over the optimal arrangement of information blocks on a web page, etc.

All this needs to be done taking into account the fact that each of your actions is reflected in the site loading speed, which must be reduced to the minimum possible indicators.

Of course, in this area, knowledge plays an important role – the wider the range of information that a specialist possesses, the higher the level of his capabilities. However, it is important to remember that super-secret knowledge, training courses, diplomas and other information disco libraries have no weight if you can not put them into practice.

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