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Best One-Page Website Designs (Landing Page)

An illiterate landing page to which new users are directed can lead to the depreciation of the entire advertising company. If you want to build a successful and carefree career as a web designer and earn a vacation under the palm trees, you should consider not only the beauty of the project, but also its usability during site development.

Sometimes it’s more effective, from the point of view of conversion, to give preference to the convenience of the Landing Page, in an understandable and accessible way to present the advantages of the company or product, rather than focus on beauty. Often, because of too bright pictures, it is impossible to get to the core of the values ​​behind them.

Below I will give you the best sites in the world in design that not only have a pleasant appearance, but also clearly convey their essence to the end user.

10. http://bearcss.com/
I start my top design sites with one of the few one-page programming topics where you are not immediately offered to buy something. Incidentally, this is the key difference between Western philosophy and Russian. Our managers, having seen enough of DiCaprio in the role of “The Wolf from Wall Street”, want to sell it head on.

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Abroad, it is customary to first give any value. Bearcss platform is primarily useful for users, because it helps to solve a specific problem, in addition, it is nice. The design and navigation are more than understandable, so a person does not have to hesitate before making a decision.

9. http://liber.io/
All ingenious is simply expensive! About ten thousand dollars were spent on creating the site for Liberio. That is why I just can not leave it unattended. The developers were tasked with creating the simplest landing page with a discreet color scheme and a minimum number of images.

The goal was just that, to concentrate all the attention of the visitor on the essence of the project. Everything is placed concisely, nice pictures, readable text. This, of course, is not the best site design in terms of creativity and style, but the work is good, and without it, my rating will be inferior.

8.http: //www.crowdspottr.com/
The next line in the ranking of the best sites for design goes to the developer of the mobile application CrowdSpottr. The design of this landing is attractive because, having visited the page, in a split second you understand what people are doing and how to use their product. Step-by-step instructions, the key advantages of the product, no water – its main advantages.

7. https://www.giftrocket.com/
Extraordinarily cute and comfortable site. Going to giftrocket.com is missing only the appearance on the screen of a hand that comes out of your laptop and offers coffee with sweets. Everywhere beautiful pictures, bonuses, unobtrusive colors and a call to use the product, a sight for sore eyes, in general. Development rightfully deserves a place in my list of sites with the best design.
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6.http: //designmodo.com/slides/
Surely you think: “Stop throwing some simplicity nondescript, give me meat!” Hold on. Everything as you like: a huge number of various effects, hundreds of images, color transfusions and custom transitions. It is with this firework of the visual carnival that we will summarize the first five of the best web designs.

5. http://rockawayrelief.com/
However, I will continue to bend my line regarding minimalism, since it is he who is now in trend. To make a beautiful web design for a site, it is not necessary to overload it with a large number of images and flash effects. This option will show you how interesting it is to implement a Landing Page, focusing on useful textual information and focusing users on key issues that they were interested in when entering the page.

4. https://www.nextbit.com/
The first screen (what you see immediately when you open the page) on the Landing Page plays a key role. Nextbit developers probably understand this and decided to get confused. The first screen looks almost perfect. Atmospheric smoke in the background, high-quality photo products, easy to read description.

This site would occupy a higher line if the creators got confused over the rest of the landing content as well as over the beginning. However, most likely, by that time the developer was already running out of work, and the deadline was running out.

3. https://www.simple.com/
Banking systems constantly monitor the development of marketing, as you need to keep up with the times and be on the same wavelength with your customers. Simple landing page has all the basic criteria that have become the foundation for me when choosing sites with the best web design.

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