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How to start making money as a web designer on the Internet?

From the author: hello friends! Web design training, like any other profession, is gradual. At first it’s just a hobby, which then under certain circumstances can turn into the meaning of life. And if your favorite business also brings income, we can say that a person was definitely not mistaken in choosing a profession. In this article I will try to answer the question of how to start making money as a web designer and how realistic this is.
The article does not contain a “formula for success”, but rather is psychological and philosophical in nature. But I really hope that this information will help you answer the main question about whether you really want to do web design or are just under the influence of fashion trends: “everyone wants and I want.”

How to start a career as a web designer?
Web design is a kind of art. It contains its own trends, an abundance of styles, various rules and canons. In my opinion, the main criterion by which it can be attributed to one of the forms of art is that it does not limit the creative imagination, but, on the contrary, helps to expand one’s own horizons.

In addition, it is thanks to web design that you have the opportunity not only to do what you love, but also to earn money. However, you do not have a fixed salary: the degree of your earnings depends only on you!

Many novice web designers doubt whether it is realistic to make money as a web designer, and this doubt is quite appropriate.
Firstly, a person is characterized by doubt that his hobbies can bring income, because “if everything is as it should, then something is probably wrong.”

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Secondly, even having achieved certain successes in web design (who have not yet received the assessment of competent persons), a novice designer, for subjective reasons, does not offer its services to customers.

First of all, no matter how paradoxical this may look, you should not look for the answer to the question “how much does a web designer earn.” No need to count the earnings of your colleagues in the workshop. You are you. You have your own style, your own path to success, your own tactics for finding customers and communicating with customers.

There is no need to follow anyone. You yourself will be able to determine the degree of your earnings by choosing tasks that vary in degree of difficulty and payment. But this is still far away, although closer than it seems! But first things first.

Tips for beginners
Suppose you have already overcome your doubts and are ready to offer yourself as a web design specialist. But take your time. Without a portfolio of works that have become the subject of your pride, the chances of a successful start will be small. You should also not rush into the pool with your head and immediately try to grasp volumetric and complex orders. Do not forget the legend of Icarus.

Do not try to jump above your head! You should start by performing simple tasks that you can handle 100%. Thus, you will not only test yourself in the field, but also gain much-needed experience in communicating with different customers.

A positive feedback on the results of your activities will serve as a bonus, thereby you will improve your reputation on the exchange. Only by stepping over this stage can you take on more complex and highly paid tasks. The main thing here is not to stop there, constantly increasing the complexity of tasks, and your earnings from this will increase proportionally.

Stay tuned for contemporary design! In order to become a sought-after specialist in web design, you need to be able to change. Over time, you will develop your own style that will be memorable and recognizable.

But the trends in website design are very variable, so even if you have to (and you have to) work with styles that you are not a fan of, take this as training your professional skills. This does not mean that you will change your style and preferences – on the contrary, you will become universal.

In addition, constantly review the work of other designers and find in them what, in your opinion, I would like to fix and what to borrow.

Use the power of the Internet! Contrary to the erroneous opinion of those who cannot find the information they need, the Internet is not a dump. This is a huge ocean of information, in which, keeping the trajectory, you can find anything. You just need to determine for yourself the right beacon.

I do not expect to become the only true lighthouse for you, but since we have touched on this topic, I remind you that registering at reputable freelance exchanges will be a reliable starting point. And as a fair wind you can serve free and paid video tutorials on web design.

What prospects open to those who dare to embark on the path of a web designer?
First of all, one should not look for any specific “formula for success” for a freelancer. In order to understand how to start making money as a web designer, you just need to start moving in this direction. But do not expect that everything will go on the thumb.

Features of the profession and key responsibilities of a web designer
To make it easier to understand the main tasks of the representative of this craft, for a start it is worth considering its basic definition. The profession of "web designer"…


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