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How to become a web designer, and what qualities should a really cool specialist have?

From the author: many of you were probably looking for the answer to the question: how to become a web designer? Of course, this is a difficult question, to which you most likely received equally complex and ambiguous answers. But still this is not the secret of the universe. There are many masters who not only found a way to become a web designer from scratch, but also firmly maintain their position, constantly improving and enriching their already considerable experience. Let’s try to find their secret to success.Of course, other people’s examples for a beginner – this is very helpful. We can consider good and not very good examples of website design as real web design lessons, because, as we know, the smart learns from both sages and fools.

But you should not forget that in any undertaking there is only one right way – your own. Therefore, do not try to imitate other people’s styles and pass off other people’s ideas as your own. It’s another matter to build your own on the basis of other people’s concepts, which in some way will have similar features with them, but in something will differ significantly.

To paraphrase one great literary critic, we recall that the more original the idea, the more universal it is. Though masterfully you would own graphic editors, without an original idea, creative abilities lose their significance. Remember that there is nothing perfect, so do not try to imitate others and allow yourself the right to make a mistake. That’s about how web design training starts from scratch.

What characterizes a good web designer?
Creative imagination
Contrary to popular belief that creative people are a rare occurrence, initially we are all endowed with this wonderful property. Here is a famous quote from Ursula Le Guin, an American writer: “An adult creative person is a child who has survived.”

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Indeed, in childhood we all had a creative imagination, which helped us better understand the world around us. But adults believe that they already know everything for certain, so … continue to go to an unloved job. It is difficult to surprise such a person, but not because he already knows everything, but because he believes that his knowledge is quite enough. He hardly thinks about how to become a professional web designer. But surprised eyes are a sign of an intellectual.

This does not mean that every little thing should surprise you. But to create something that will surprise others is one of the tasks of a web designer. Therefore, constantly experiment with a palette of colors, fonts, textures, etc. Sometimes we find a solution in completely unexpected sources. For example, as a texture, you can use an image that was not intended for this at all. After all, you hardly ever thought about such use of a picture or photograph taken by you back in the distant zero years of the century? This is called a non-standard approach.

In the original, ancient sense of the word, “tact” means “a sense of proportion.” Any, even the most valuable thing, loses its value as soon as it becomes too much. After all, ancient coins, platinum and space artifacts are valued precisely because they are not very common things, and getting them is not so simple. Moreover, they are appreciated for their properties. For example, thanks to old coins, you can study history; beautiful jewelry is made of gold; meteorite debris helps in space exploration.

This principle can well be applied in web design. Simply put, the site design, regardless of style, should not be crowded with various elements and all kinds of effects. Advertising banners will subsequently reimburse this. And those elements that you found necessary must be as convenient and functional as possible. Most likely, users will go to the site not with the purpose of admiring its design, but about their business.

Sense of style
You may not be a fan of theme cafes, but you must agree that the interior, where everything, even the smallest details are made in one style, is more interesting than the tastelessly furnished room. Elements reduced to one style, as it were, “resonate” with each other and create a sense of harmony and order.

The same principle can be used when designing website designs. Naturally, much will depend on the wishes of the customer, but reducing the elements of the site to a single, common style will serve as a sign of a good taste of the developer. In addition, this will have the most positive impact on site visitors.

Desire and ability to change
Fashion trends are very volatile. That is their essence. And trends in website design are no exception. The so-called “flat” design, the “Metro” design, developed by Microsoft, is now in fashion, and not so long ago, skeuomorphism was popular – the opposite of flat design.

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