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What is a selling design?

Design is the most important component of any website. This is especially true for selling sites, because in this case it is necessary to interest the visitor and encourage him to further actions. This is not just about a visitor to the site, but about a potential buyer, because sales are the main purpose of any online store. Therefore, it is not enough just to develop a design. It has to be a selling design, and it’s a bit more complicated. Let’s figure it out together.

What are the main signs of a marketing design?
We know that a large percentage of sales are carried out via the Internet, and every year this indicator is growing, and, therefore, competition among online stores is increasing. Therefore, web designers faced the task of developing the design of selling sites. But this is not a simple design.

As we understand it, the primary task of the selling site is to make sales, so each visible element of the site should have a potential buyer to buy. And since the design is the first thing that the user pays attention to, the design of the selling pages has a special role.

A significant percentage of successful sales do not provide the quality of the product itself, but how this product will be presented. In the store where the goods are laid out on well-lit windows, in accordance with the rules of merchandising, we are more pleased to make a purchase than with a stolen buyer, right?

In both cases, the quality of the product may be the same, but psychologically it is more convenient for us to purchase the product in conditions specially created for making purchases. The store will cause more trust than a dubious buyer.

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When making a purchase on the Internet, the same principle applies: where a really selling website design has been developed, users will be more likely to make purchases than in online stores, which look like a store.

Web Design Marketing Tips
Tip 1. Originality and versatility
At first glance, this task is somewhat generalized, but in fact, it is quite specific. It consists in learning how to combine corporate identity and versatility, because an online store involves a wide target audience.

A unique corporate identity is needed so that the design of the selling site is not just stylish, but memorable and recognizable. It should be noted that potential buyers may be people of different ages, tastes, beliefs.
Therefore, when developing the corporate identity of an online store, you should always remember the tact in the classical, antique sense of the word – in other words, do not forget about the sense of proportion.

Fashion is changeable, but the classic does not go out of fashion. It will always and for all be relevant. And web design in this regard is no exception: if you resort to the use of simple geometric forms of website elements, to calm, muted tones and at the same time not to overload the design with unnecessary information, you can get a really selling website design.

The user should not distract from the purchase. There should not be too much intrusive advertising or animation. In most cases, it is better to refrain from sound accompaniment.

Let us make a small literary and philosophical digression and note that originality is a criterion of universality. Therefore, you should not imitate the design of other, even successful online stores. You can borrow some design ideas from there, but the concept should remain unique.

Tip 2. AIDA
Suppose that you have already developed the concept of a selling website design and are ready to create your own unique web design based on examples presented at other successful online stores. Of course, the uniqueness of web design is a huge plus, but experienced marketers offer unique formulas, the performance of which has been tested on millions of customers.

One of these marketing formulas is called AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and translates as Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

This is a possible sequence of events that occur during the interaction of the consumer and the content of the online store. AIDA is applicable both to the entire site as a whole, and to its individual pages. In essence, marketing web design is based on this.

If the emphasis on the pages of products sold is placed correctly, then in just four steps, the potential buyer will become your client. AIDA may be applicable to other pages of the selling site. For example, to the page with reviews. Foreign reviews motivate the visitor to express their own opinion about the product or service.

The form for adding a review is usually located at the bottom of the page, and just below you can place some categories of products, because during the time you stay on the site the user might not notice something.

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