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How to create a selling portfolio of web designer?

You can become a web design master in many different ways. For example, there are people who achieve significant results in this activity through a simple internship in the studio. The most optimal and “free” solution, from the point of view of “when I want, then torment”, is to search for the first orders as a freelancer.

This is a simple method that does not require upfront costs. However, it is unlikely that you will interest customers without having a single job. Something to demonstrate personal capabilities must be attached.

Portfolio is a business card of any web designer. Using it, you can determine the level of professionalism of a specialist and understand whether it is worth starting a collaboration with him or is it better to avoid this gift of fate. Therefore, if you are a web designer, a portfolio must be present.

Moreover, it is necessary to draw it up not for a blunder, but professionally, picking up and presenting the highest quality work from the best angle. Below I will tell you how to make a portfolio of a web designer to get the first money, even if you have not had clients.

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Where to get the first work for the portfolio?
To get your first orders, in most cases, you need to provide the results of previous projects, but where to get them if you just started? It turns out a vicious circle: no orders – no portfolio, but at the same time, if the web designer does not have a portfolio (examples of work), then there are no orders. However, I will tell you several ways to competently start in this matter without having anything in the clip.

1. Create web design for yourself.
One of the most common ways to get out of this situation is to create work for yourself. This may be the improvement of your existing projects or some personal ideas that would be interesting to implement. The only difficulty here is to set some kind of limitations for yourself, since web design without frames is not web design, but a pure flight of creativity.

If you are implementing a good, interesting project for yourself, then it can also be used later as a business tool. For example, when developing a site that will not only be nice, but also useful for others, in 99.9% of cases there is the possibility of monetizing it.

2. Implementation of the project for friends or acquaintances.
Often there are cases when the first work for the web portfolio of the web designer are projects carried out for friends or acquaintances. I assure you that among people close to you there are at least 1-2 people who need a site. Just try to find out and help them for free or for a small fee.

True, this option has one drawback. If you still have little experience (and this is logical, since you would not have read these lines now), then the skills are clearly still far from ideal. Consequently, the customer (friend, girlfriend, matchmaker, brother) will most likely receive not what he wanted, but this, in turn, will lead to a conflict.

3. Creating web design for a fictitious company.
No friends, no dogs, no customers? Think of Bill Gates yourself (just don’t put a picture of him), who would be eager to use your services. It is not recommended to choose any specific niches for this matter. Better give preference to any building theme, something close to marketing or an online sportswear store.

4. Various contests.
If you delve into the Internet, you can stumble upon various contests where prizes are raffled and even a cash reward is given for the best website layout for any project. This can be a great starting jerk, so do not miss this opportunity.

5. Free implementation of projects.
A good option for creating a portfolio for web designers is to do the work for free. Try to find a public customer for this business, who could then tell about your merits. But be prepared for the outcome that when working with a more or less well-known person, if the work, to put it mildly, “does not work”, then this may not reflect too well on your reputation. Think for yourself, but he who does not take risks, longs for no money.

General design guidelines
Already successfully completed the first orders? Let us then proceed to the design of the portfolio (examples of the work of a web designer). Below I wrote 5 tips that you must follow during this process:

1. Use high-quality images.
Prepare 5-7 photos for each work, which in a visual format would show the key functions and features of those sites that you made. If this is an “alteration” order, and not a project from scratch, then show what happened and what happened.

2. Detailed description.
Laconic, pleasantly readable text will never be superfluous under photographs. On the contrary, with his help, a person will be able to understand that you generally designed something like that there.

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