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What is web hosting?

This article clarifies the concept of hosting. It can be useful to those who are going to or have recently organized their representation on the Internet. The provision of hosting is becoming as important for a modern person as the concept of television, radio, newspapers and magazines. The article will help determine what type of hosting is needed to solve certain problems.

Web hosting is the place for your site. The hosting depends on the download speed of your Internet project.

First, let’s try to determine why hosting services are needed. The word “hosting”, like many other words from the Internet lexicon, came from the English language from the word “host / hosting”, which has several meanings: the host, the main device, the main computer, the host of the inn. The meaning of the “keeper of the inn” is the closest to the correct interpretation of the term “hosting” on the Internet, because it is understood that your webpage is hosted on your computer by your ISP, along with many other people’s webpages.

What is good hosting for? Suppose you have created a site on your computer. Now the following question arises before you: how to post it on the Internet so that a user can access it at any time? You can arrange hosting. Put the server in your home so that anyone can view this page directly from your computer from the Internet. But this means that: firstly, your computer must constantly work; secondly, it must be constantly connected to the Internet; thirdly, the connection to the Internet should take place at a high speed, because if several people immediately want to see your web page, or if you need file hosting, then the speed of a regular telephone connection will not be enough. In addition, you will have to additionally install quite complex software on your computer.

Obviously, placing a site on the Internet on your personal computer is associated with great problems and costs, so we choose professional hosting from one of the companies providing this service.

If your website is small or medium (for example, 100-5000 MB in size), then it does not require installation and use of a separate server (computer), the most effective and popular solution is the so-called virtual hosting, when one server of the Internet provider (hosting – provider) provides the functioning of several (hundreds and thousands) of virtual websites. If your site has already grown, then you can consider a service in which a virtual dedicated server is provided to the end user. It imitates the operation of a real physical server – there is root access, it is possible to install its own operating systems and software. A single physical server typically runs several independent virtual servers. This service is called virtual server hosting or just VDS.

This hosting provides access to your website for any Internet user at any time from anywhere in the world by email, in order to create this address there is a special service – domain name registration.

What is web hosting?
Web hosting is a way of placing a site on the Internet. Once you have placed your site on the server, anyone can access it by typing the domain name in the browser bar. Access to the site is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In order to place your website on the network, you must:

First of all, have your own website. You need to have a copy of the site on the local computer (in html-files), or ready-made materials + a script that would allow you to create a website directly on the server.
Domain name. You need to find and purchase the domain name of the site. It is desirable that the name speaks about the subject of the site, and is easy to remember. A domain name can be in any domain zone of your choice, for example: .com .net .org .ru, etc. When choosing a domain zone, be guided by the data on the subject of domains. Domains .com, for example, are intended for sites of a commercial orientation, .org – state institutions and public organizations. Regional domains indicate that a site belongs to a region. This is an optional rule, but worth remembering.
order one of the hosting plans in a company that provides web hosting services. The choice of a tariff plan is a separate topic for discussion, so in this article we will not discuss it.
What is a server?
This is a computer hosted by an Internet provider and connected to the World Wide Web, which stores a copy of the website. As a rule, one server accommodates a lot of websites, due to the large disk space. But overall, it does not matter. What matters is not the size of the server, but its computing power and the bandwidth of the ISP’s Internet channels.

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