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Creative website design: what’s new?

Where does creative start?
Morning, coffee, shower … A new day has begun, it is time to create. We open the laptop or start the computer, before us is a monitor, like a blank sheet. Well, what is not an artist. Now you need to be inspired by new achievements. It’s easiest to use the Internet for these purposes, in its vast expanses there is everything. And before that they spoke only about Greece.

Of course, we will go online for inspiration. That’s exactly what I did today. Someone smart said: the birth of an idea transforms its creator. Then, as designers, we are transformed daily.

Creative web design is a gift, but a novice can master it. It all starts with training, then experience is accumulated, professionalism is growing. Over time, your own handwriting is drawn, by which customers recognize you, for which they value you. As a result, thanks to the unique approach to each project, you create unusual website designs that attract visitors that are truly interesting.

What will be your path from 0 to perfection, several months or several years, depends on you. Well, enough lyrics, let’s go to practice.

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What does a creative look like?
Creative website design is, first of all, uniqueness, the embodiment of an exclusive and completely non-standard idea in the presentation of the project. Well, offhand, creative means:

lack of any stamps;

inappropriate templates;

experiments with colors and shades;

lack of even shapes and angles when building blocks;

a bold combination of elements from different design styles;

a combination of unexpected geometric shapes;

the presence of unique (!) copyright pictures, animations, photographs, special effects;

the presence of custom typography.

Naturally, creativity and insanity should not be confused; fantasies should be savvy with at least some scientific subtext. For example, if this is a commercial site, do not deviate from the corporate theme and corporate identity.

And another important point: the finished site should not be a set of super creative chips, disparate and incompatible with each other. Design is a whole, do not tear the space, do not blow the brain to users. A comfortable site for the eyes and at the same time for use!

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Here is our goal: to influence the feelings of potential customers through an outstanding visual series, a unique text that makes you literally immerse yourself in information, become its part.

Design, as the external shell of the site, plays a key role for the popularity of the site, conversion, the number of sales. And, as practice shows, only an interesting site design, of course, combined with convenient navigation, is able to keep the user on their pages, to increase the average rate of visitors to the resource. In general, there are only three main factors that influence the interest of the target audience:

brand (promotion, recognition);

habit (when the hand itself reaches for a familiar box, automatically);


And, in fact, only design is able to change the habit, that is, to switch attention and surpass the already promoted and recognizable brand. In last place, he is here purely nominally. Design are images that evoke a positive reaction among buyers deep in the subconscious. With our rhythm of life, dynamics takes the value of creativity to a leading position.

We draw inspiration from my selection
Extremely pleasant experience visiting the site. There are no restrictions in space, no frames and geometric shapes of blocks. Flew, flew … The cursor is lost, and it really seems that you control the flight. I don’t want the page to end at all.

The photos are very dynamic, perfectly matched, more than sure that they are unique and were created specifically for this project. I liked the combination of colors, juicy greens, forest, poppies, and the end of the fun little polka-dot background. Pay attention to the original feedback form.

A stunning design in terms of the number of visual details. The components are interactive and almost all functional, well, with the possible exception of a horse and a flag 🙂 Several different locations, designers did not stop at the presentation page only: London, Moscow, Washington, Paris, Beijing. Even if you don’t need anything from the site, circle the pages and wind up positive statistics.

A different approach to the form of the site is creative, but here I want to draw your attention to the quality of the images. How fantastic color reproduction and sharpness are generated. Without special effects, a feeling of movement of heroes is created on you. Great job, deserving the applause of colleagues.

A site about water and from water, crammed with special effects. Do not rush to click and scroll, the picture will tell everything about itself, just move the cursor on the screen.

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