The history of web design: from the Stone Age to the era of modern technology
Despite the fact that in the era of the development of web design, the first web pages were just text with links, and you could only dream of a variety…

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How to become a web designer, and what qualities should a really cool specialist have?
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Productive Parallax
Do you like parallax or hate it, but it will not go anywhere. When used wisely, it can add depth and sophistication to a web application. The problem is that…

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Basic web design elements. How to create an effective website thanks to them?

For the construction of any building requires certain building materials. As a rule, for each type of structure they constantly remain the same, only the shape and general design of the buildings change. So is the case with site development.

If you want to become a professional master of web design and consistently carry out high-quality projects that allow customers to solve certain problems (increase sales, increase the convenience of functionality, etc.), you should know about all the “building materials” in this area. If you miss something, then the overall design will certainly collapse, and local residents (the customer with the customers) will obviously be dissatisfied.

Below we will dwell on each of the design elements for the site, so take pens, notes and write down 8 points, which you can then print, hang on the wall and reread, like a prayer before dinner.

1. The space.
Space is a peculiar foundation of composition. The whole structure of the website’s web design elements is based on it. The space is the scene of action on which our entire multi-part thriller unfolds. It can be two-dimensional, in the form of a flat image, or three-dimensional, in the format of a three-dimensional image.

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Since we have touched on the topic of films, we will consider this item on the example of a cinema. Today, 3D paintings, which differ from standard 2D ones in depth and volume, have become especially popular. It cannot be said which of the given options is better, since one viewer likes one thing and the other likes another. It’s a matter of taste.

The same story with sites. You can use three-dimensional space or classic, in the form of a flat picture. It is worth starting from the requirements and preferences of the target audience or customer.

2. Lines.
The first brick involved in the construction of an integral picture after the foundation (space) can be called lines. They represent the most important element for web design, without which it would be difficult to imagine a full-fledged modern site.

Lines are drawn on the surface using dots connected in series. Thanks to them, the overall shape and contours of web design are set, which help the human eye to perceive information more comfortably and structured.
Lines can be straight, curved, wavy, horizontal, vertical, parallel or dashed. You can sketch an approximate picture of a future project using lines not only in graphic editors, but also on a piece of paper, as many web designers often do.

3. The figures.
The next element in web design is the figure. It is formed by crossing several lines between each other. Figures are usually divided into two types:

organic. Such figures include the outlines of cars, the sun, houses, furniture and other objects, creatures and phenomena that occur in life;

geometric. This type of figure includes: rectangle, rhombus, circle, triangle, square, etc.

4. Color.
Also one of the most important elements of web site design is color. Its proper selection is mentioned in various step-by-step video courses on web design, so if you want to delve deeper into this matter, be sure to learn lessons from specialists. This knowledge will not be superfluous for sure, because color perception directly affects the human psyche.

Try to imagine for a moment that all sites on the Internet have become black and white. This would be a real torture for people, who soon soon tear them away from the web. Thanks to the color, you can convey emotions and set a specific rhythm of thought for the user.

The correct selection of shades will even affect the mood of the visitor. For example, being on a site with a prevailing dark blue or black color, a person involuntarily becomes more serious and focused, and light green, orange or yellow will provide a smile and calm.

Thanks to the bright colors, you can also attract the attention of the visitor or build a semantic road on the site that the user will follow to find information, products, etc. that interest him.

5. Texture.
When designing a website, the appearance and surface of the object are set due to the texture. It can have a smooth, rough, soft or hard shape. Surely you met on the sites background and other elements in the form of wood, leather, iron, etc. This is a rather useful tool, however, the main thing here is not to overdo it and use it wisely.

6. Form.
The shape differs from the shape in that it is a three-dimensional object. Its composition includes parameters such as width, depth and height. A shape is created by combining several shapes together and adding shadows.

7. Chiaroscuro.
Chiaroscuro is responsible for dark and light areas related to a specific object.

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