What is web design and what does it eat?
When I ask new friends about how I earn my bread, I have to answer twice. At first, it sounds proudly from my lips: “Web designer”, which flies to me…

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What is a selling design?
Design is the most important component of any website. This is especially true for selling sites, because in this case it is necessary to interest the visitor and encourage him…

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5 signs of failed logos
From the author: you can not minimize the importance of the logo. The logo gives your business a distinctive mark. Branding guru David Brier reminds us all that “one of…

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Web Designer – Creative Internet Profession

From the author: in this article we will talk about the profession of web designer. Consider who it is, what knowledge and skills it should own, what tasks it solves, what tools it uses in its work, how much and how it can earn.
Who is a web designer?
Before moving on to a more detailed examination of the profession of a web designer and starting to analyze the necessary knowledge and skills, let’s first find out who the web designer is.

In the process of creating a site, design comes first. It is with him that everything begins. The designer does not just draw a beautiful picture of how the site should look. He designs the page so that it is convenient to use. This is necessary in order for website visitors to quickly perform a targeted action on Continue reading

JQuery preloader

There is a delay when loading the page content asynchronously or sending a request to add / edit. A preloader is an animation during this delay, which allows you to show the user that the request has been sent and you need to wait for it to complete.

There are a huge number of services that allow you to download GIF or SVG preloader. However, in any case, when sending a request, you need to add a preloader to the page structure, and after it is completed, delete it. Doing it manually with each request is inconvenient. In this article, we will look at how to make the process of adding / removing a preloader more convenient using a simple jQuery plugin. Continue reading

SOLID principles in JavaScript. Open-closed principle

The essence of the principle
The principle of openness-closeness is as follows:

“Software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) must be open for expansion, but closed for change.”

That is, the application architecture should allow changing the behavior of certain entities without changing their source code.

This principle is especially important for large business applications, when requirements change, Continue reading

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